REMO-HSE High voltage for surface treatment
Surface Treatment

The process of electrostatic surface treatment has become a very important method in a wide range of industrial applications. The general principle is to pass liquid droplets or solid powder particles through a corona cloud generated by high voltage.
The magnitude of the high voltage depends on the material to be used, the electrical and mechanical process parameters and the target surface. Typically, the high voltage ranges between 20kV and 120kV and the current is less than 1mA.

Electrostatic Painting, Powder Coating and Flocking

The electrostatic spraying process can be used with wet and powder paint, as well as flock. The high voltage needed to electrically charge the spraying material is typically around 70kV and the corona current less than 200μA. If a spraying gun is used, the high voltage multiplier is built in the gun and seprated from the controller circuit.
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Food Processing

In the processing of food and animal feed the electrostatic surface treatment is used to apply vegetable oils, flavorings and release agents. It ensures a highly uniform and accurate application to a product.
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Electrostatic Oiling and Lubrication

Electrostatic oiling and lubrication machines take advantage of the fact that charged oil or lubricant droplets break up into smaller droplets when the electrostatic repulsive force of the electrical charges within the droplets exceeds the surface tension force. Since these droplets are of the same polarity and repel each other the electrostatic process creates a finely atomized spray. Dependeng on the machinery configuration the required high voltage can be up to 150kV at currents way below 1mA.
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Many pharmaceutical powders are insulating materials that have a tendency to accumulate charge. Therefore it seems in a way obvious to adopt electrostatic powder coating as a pharmaceutical process - for example for the preparation of pharmaceutical dosage forms.
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