Heat Flux Sensors

SensiLine and SensiPlane are two high accuracy sensors with integrated temperature sensor, intended for heat flux measurements on opaque surfaces.

REMO-HSE SensiLine

Heat Flux Sensor
Operating temperature: -20C to +85C
Accuracy: 5%
U-Value (nominal): = 100 W/m² K
Calibration alue (nominal): 15 W/m² (mV) at 30C,
Resistance: ≈ 600 Ohm
Temperature Sensor
Output signal: 10 mV/ C
Accuracy: offset maximal 0.4C, linearity 0.2C

Typically are heat flux measurement of walls, roofs and building facades as well as measurement of heat flux of insulation of refrigerator cabinets, cold storage houses, fire-protective clothing, etc.

The sensors consist of thermocouples connected in series, which are incorporated in a black plastic body and generate a voltage signal that is proportional to the heat flux density passing through the sensor.

They are equipped with an integrated temperature sensor that generates a voltage signal proportional to the surface temperature.

All signal amplitudes are sufficiently large to facilitate the direct signal processing with a conventional voltmeter or data acquisition system.

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  Data sheet (de)
REMO-HSE SensiPlane

The sensitive area and the sensitiveness of SensiPlane is 5 times larger than compared to SensiLine.
Due to its larger sensitive area the sensor SensiPlane is suited to averaging the heat flux over local non-homogeneities.


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