High Voltage Damping Resistors

The damping resistor plays an important role in suppressing the spark discharge current, damping the oscillations caused by parasitic capacitances and inductances and protecting the high voltage supply during operation.
It is connected in series between the high-voltage output of the high-voltage power supply and the load, whereby the cable length between the power supply and the damping resistor should be long compared to the cable length between the damping resistor and the load - in other words, the damping resistor should be placed as close as possible to the load.

The damping resistors of the R-B40/B80/B120-scr-M series series are completely encapsulated in an aluminium housing. They have a high-voltage connection with EMC gland on each side for plugging in the high-voltage cable. The resistance value is in the one- to two-digit kilovolt range. The suitable damping resistor can be selected according to the parameter list given in the data sheet.

Resistors with significant heat generation are encapsulated in an aluminum heat sink profile, which has PG screw connections at both ends for plugging in the high voltage cable.

Damping Resistors REMO-HSE resistors R-B40 Series REMO-HSE resistors R-B80 Series REMO-HSE resistors R-B120 Series REMO-HSE resistors R-B120-scr-MK Series
Type R-B40 Series R-B80 Series R-B120 Series R-B120-1.5m-25M-scr-MK
Nominal Voltage max. 40kV DC max. 80kV DC max. 120kV DC max. 120kV DC
Nominal Current 7,8,10,15,20,30,40 mA 7,8,10,15,20 mA 6,7,8,10,12,15 mA max. 1.5 mA
Nominal Resistance 80,60,40,20,10,5,3 kΩ 80,60,40,20,10 kΩ 120,80,60,40,30,20 kΩ ca. 25MΩ
Dimensions ⌀=40 mm, L=460 mm ⌀=40 mm, L=560 mm ⌀=75 mm, L=400 mm L364 × W143 × H80 mm
Weight approx. 0.95kg 1.15kg 2.7kg 4.9kg
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