REMO-HSE high voltage handheld meters HV-Voltmeter 110P Series
High Voltage Handheld Meters
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HV-Voltmeter 110P
  • Easy to use
  • Measuring range depending on the design ±10kV, ±20kV, ±50kV,±100kV
  • Pulse proof measurement input
  • Space charge shielding to reduce spray losses during the measurement
  • High internal measuring resistance ensures only a low load on the test object
  • Battery or mains operation
Special Features
  • Measuring probe and instrument can easily be unscrewed and then operated spatially separated via an adapter
  • Analogue output provides external signal processing
Display elements
  • 3½ digit digital display with automatic polarity detection and battery symbol
  • Integrated earth detector indicates a possible defective or missing earthing of the meter
Measurement accuracy
  • High measuring accuracy even in the case of superimposed ripple voltages with amplitudes up to 5%
  • Resolution depending on the model 0.01kV or 0.1kV
  • Accuracy better than ±(2% + 2 Digits)
Mechanical data
  • Device consisting of measuring instrument, high voltage probe, lance, different tips and space charge screen
  • Total length of measuring instrument and high voltage probe depending on the model 470mm or 580mm
  • Weight 1kg or 1.1kg depending on the model
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Short-term and long-term measurement with one measuring device

This high-voltage measuring device can be used both as a hand-held measuring device for quick control of the applied high voltage and as a permanently integrated measuring device for constant monitoring of the high voltage.
This is made possible by an adapter with which the measuring head and measuring instrument can be operated spacially separated from each other and the fact that battery and mains operation are possible.
A typical application is the quality monitoring of manufacturing and / or cleaning processes in

  • Electrostatic coating systems
  • Electrostatic precipitators at machining centers
  • Air purification systems with electrostatic precipitators
  • Heating systems with electrostatic precipitators
But this measuring device is also a useful companion during the design and development phase of devices and systems with DC high-voltage sources.

Display and interface

The voltage value is shown on a 3½-digit LCD display with polarity detection and can be read out via an analog 0 ... ±100mV interface.
A red LED lights up if the integrated earthing detector has detected a possibly defective or missing earthing of the measuring device.
Furthermore, a battery symbol appears on the LCD display if the charge level is too low. The charging of the battery is signaled by a green LED.

Configuration and models

The HV voltmeter of the 110P series consists of a measuring instrument, a measuring probe, a measuring lance and various tips. In addition, the measuring device comes with a space charge shield to reduce spray losses, which can significantly falsify the measurement result - especially on pointed corona electrodes.
Of course, the high-voltage measuring input is pulse-proof and the internal measuring resistor is chosen so large that the test object is only subjected to a very low load during the measuring process.
The measuring device has a 3½ digit digital display with automatic polarity detection, two LEDs and an analog output for external evaluation of the high-voltage measured values.
We currently offer the measuring device with the following measuring ranges: ±10kV, ±20kV, ±50kV and±100kV.


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