REMO-HSE High Voltage power supplies - HVG-Series
HVG Series
High Voltage Power Supplies
with 100kV and 500μA

The first generation

The HVG series our first series of high voltage cabinets for electrostatic surface coating -especially flocking. It is based on the SHBR high-voltage assembly and was launched in 2008 in response to multiple customer requests.
The special feature of the HVG series is the foldback characteristic of the U-I characteristic already implemented in the HBR and SHBR series.

  • High voltage supply with analog / digital interface
  • Positive or negative polarity
Controls and Monitoring
  • LED status displays and emergency stop switch directly on the control cabinet
  • Outputs for voltage and current monitoring
Special Features
  • High voltage ramp-up time adjustable between 0.5s and 5s
  • Fold-back-characteristic
  • Constante-voltage regulation with dI/dt - shutdown
  • Automatic shutdown in the event of overcurrent, overvoltage and overtemperature
Mechanical Data
  • Sheet steel powder coated cabinet
  • Classification minimum IP50
  • Approx. 13kg
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  • 230VAC input voltage
  • 50/60Hz input frequency
  • 500mA maximum current consumption
  • 100kV maximum output voltage
  • 500µA output current
  • Fault message (Alarm-Out) in the event of a high-voltage fault
  • Operating indicator HV-ON:
  • Operating indicator mains voltage
  • Analog outputs for actual voltage- and current value
  • Analog inputs for voltage and current adjustment
  • Digital outputs signal high voltage switched on and high voltage fault
  • Digital inputs to trigger the high voltage and to reset to the initial state


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