High Voltage Cables

Shielded and unshielded high voltage cable for use in electrostatic applications according to EN 50176 / EN 50177.

Type HVC-40M-02 HVC-50M-03 HVC-100M-03 HVC-100M-04 HVC-150M-03
Shielded no yes yes no yes
Rated Voltage 40 kV DC 50 kV DC 100 kV DC 100 kV DC 150 kV DC
Test Voltage 60 kV DC 60 kV DC 150 kV DC 120 kV DC 180 kV DC
Insulation IRRAX PE PE PE PE
Outer Diameter 4.2 mm 6.2 mm 10.1 mm 9.0 mm 13.8 mm
Operating Temperature -25 to +85C -25 to +70C -25 to +70C -20 to +70C -20 to +70C
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