REMO-HSE high voltage supplies for electrostatic industrial equipment
Stand-alone or Control Cabinet
HV-Control 140M
with HE-Series
  • Different voltage classes up to 150kV
  • Power depending on version up to 120W
  • High-voltage unit completely encapsulated in aluminum or stainless steel
Controls and monitoring
  • Adjustment of voltage (U), current (I), dI/dt and dU/dt both directly on the device and via an external automatic PLC controller
  • Voltage or current controlled operating mode selectable
  • Slide switch for switching between the setpoint and actual value display of voltage and current
  • Two 4 x 20 LCD displays for voltage and current
  • 12 LED status indicators

High voltage Supplies for Electrostatic Industrial Equipment

  • With the help of the control HV-Control 140M and the different high voltage units of the HE-Series we can supply your electrostatic industrial plant with high voltage up to max. 150kV and depending on the output voltage with an output power of up to 120W.
  • You decide whether you would like to have the control and the high-voltage unit installed in one control cabinet or whether you prefer the variant where the high-voltage unit is installed directly where the high voltage is required - e.g. on the beam of the oiling system - and the control is installed in an existing control cabinet.
  • To safely discharge your system, you can also integrate a earth switch in our high-voltage system. For some high-voltage units, we offer a cabinet in which a high-voltage unit and an earthing switch are fully wired.


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REMO-HSE high voltage units
  • High voltage units completely encapsulated in an aluminum housing (stainless steel on request) with one or two high voltage outputs
  • Various maximum rated voltages from 50kV to 150kV with positive or negative polarity
  • All high voltage units permanently supply the maximum rated output voltage even at maximum rated output current
  • Integrated overvoltage and overcurrent protection circuits ensure that the nominal values of output voltage and output current are not exceeded by more than approx. 10%.
  • Output power up to 120W maximum
  • ome models have a second high voltage output.
  • Protection class IP65
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  Data Sheet (de)   
REMO-HSE high voltage unit HE-36-(-50k)-2m
713 050 neg.
713 051 pos.
0 - 50kV
max. 2mA
REMO-HSE high voltage unit HE-36-(-100k)-1m
713 100 neg.
713 101 pos.
0 - 100kV
max. 1mA
REMO-HSE high voltage unit HE-36-(-120k)-1m
713 120 neg.
713 121 pos.
0 - 120 kV
max. 1mA
REMO-HSE high voltage unit HE-36-(-150k)-750
713 150 neg.
713 151 pos.
0 - 150kV
max. 750μA
REMO-HSE high voltage unit HE-36-(-100/40k)-1m
713 1040 neg.
713 1041 pos.
0 - 100kV
0 - 40kV
max. 1mA
REMO-HSE high voltage unit HE-36-(-120/110k)-1m
713 1110 neg.
713 1111 pos.
0 - 120kV
0 - 110kV
max. 1mA

HV-Control 140M

REMO-HSE HV-Control-140M
  • Voltage or current controlled operating mode selectable
  • dU/dt shut-down in current-controlled and dI/dt shut-down in voltage-controlled operation
  • Integrated connection for ES series earth switches
  • 115V or 230V AC mains input
Download   Data Sheet (en)   
  Data Sheet (de)   

The settings on the HV-Control 140M are usually made via an external automatic PLC control.
However, all essential settings can also be made directly on the device by means of potentiometers and switches. In particular, up to five independent parameter sets can be preset.
Highly visible current and voltage displays, as well as twelve LED status indicators, provide information on the current status of the high voltage supply.
Of course, protective devices such as overcurrent limiting, overcurrent and overvoltage shutdown, and cable break detection and shutdown are provided.
At the factory, the start-up time of the high voltage can be adjusted between approx. 1 and 10 s and the switch-off delay at the earth switch output can be adjusted between 0.1 and 5 s.
The control unit is connected to the respective high voltage unit via a low-voltage cable.

Control Suitable for
HV-Control 140M
810 135
HV-Control 140M
810 140
HV-Control 140M
810 145
HV-Control 140M
810 146

HE-Unit and Earth Switch in a Cabinet

REMO-HSE high voltage unit and erath switch

A high-voltage unit and an earthing switch of the ES series are installed and wired in this cabinet. The high-voltage units available are the 100 kV and 120 kV units with a single high-voltage output.

The control unit is connected to the respective high voltage unit via a low-voltage cable.

The HS supply is intended for use in powder coating, wet paint coating and flocking as well as in oiling systems.