REMO-HSE high voltage assembly groups - BXR series
BXR series
High Voltage Supply
for X-ray Tubes
  • Output voltage -5 kV to -50kV
  • 0 to 200µA beam current
  • 24V DC input
Filament Supply
  • Max. 2Vrms nominal voltage referred to cathode output
  • Max. 300mA load current
Controls and monitoring
  • Remote control and monitoring via analog interface; 0-5V DC correspond to 0-100% of the maximum nominal size
  • Temperature monitoring and over-temperature shutdown with automatic restart
  • High voltage output 100% short-circuit-proof to ground
Mechanical Data
  • Diameter approx. 44mm, length approx. 350mm (without cable connections)
  • Approx. 585g
  • Open frame
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Special design for RF borehole probes

The special feature of this high-voltage assembly with floating filament heater is its shape, which is specially designed for RF borehole probes. At approx. 44 mm, the assembly group has approximately the same diameter as corresponding X-ray tubes.
The maximum output voltage is -50kV DC with an output current of up to 200µA.

Filament heating

The integrated filament supply is designed to drive a floating filament X-ray tube. The maximum voltage is 2Vrms and the maximum current is 300mA.


The assembly group will automatically cross over from constant voltage to constant current operation and vice versa. It is equipped with temperature monitoring and an over-temperature shutdown with automatic restart and the high voltage output is 100% short-circuit-proof to ground.

Analog Interface

Voltage and beam current are controlled and monitored via an analog 0 ... 5V interface. The interface is also used to switch the high voltage on and off and to reset the assembly to its initial state. An additional status signal indicates the status of the filament heating.


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