March 2024:
High-voltage supply BXR-S-10N50-0.2m-DC24 for small compact X-ray tubes

The special feature of this high-voltage assembly with floating filament heater is its design, which is specially designed for RF borehole probes. At approx. 44 mm, the module has approximately the same diameter as corresponding X-ray tubes.
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The MSR series is now also available up to 30kV with two high-voltage outputs

In addition to the modules up to 15kV with one or more high-voltage outputs and the modules over 15kV with one output, there are now also modules over 15kV with two outputs. The two high-voltage outputs can be designed as a dual output (twice the same voltage) or as ionizer and collector voltage outputs with a fixed division ratio (e.g. 30kV and 15kV).
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Juni 2022:
REMO-HSE delivers the 10,000th high-voltage module MSR-S-60N30-2m-N2 for electrostatic fine dust filters

The module is particularly in demand for use in fine dust filters for wood chip heating systems and wood combustion plants. The anniversary copy went to Austria.
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March 2022:
Our new website

Once again it was necessary to update our website - especially to ensure readability on a tablet or smartphone.
We also decided to redesign the entire presentation. We would be delighted if you like our website.